About Pudgie’s

Pudgie’s Famous Chicken’s signature product is ¬†Bone-in Skinless fried chicken that¬† contains zero grams of trans fat per serving. Pudgie’s proprietary process of preparing their chicken includes such steps as removing the skin and breading their product by hand. By eliminating the skin, Pudgie’s Famous Chicken is able to address consumers’ growing desire for a healthier option, making their chicken 25% lower in fat and cholesterol than traditional fried chicken.


Founded in 1981 in the community of Bethpage, New York, George Sanders developed his secret batter recipe and skinning process. The concept quickly spread throughout Long Island and by 1989 had become a franchise company, with units opened in 10 states. Today, Pudgie’s Famous Chicken has a strong regional presence with several locations concentrated in the New York metropolitan area.